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At High Quality Garage Doors we keep our prices reasonable and competitive and our service superior so if you are looking for a high quality garage door installation or repair at a reasonable price why not give us a call at 856-666-1333 and let us know how we can be of service to you.


Amazing Garage Door Repair Service for Moorestown

The garage door repairing company for Moorestown that comes to your side when you need us is High Quality Garage Door Repairs! We stand a notch above the competition with the most reliable technicians, accurate estimates, 24/7 emergency services and as always… THE BEST PRICES. Plus, there is no extra charge for same day service and rush jobs. We back up each job by a solid warranty. Check out our seasonal specials and variety of exclusive garage door models. Every job starts with a free estimate. We’re always ready for your call (856) 666-1333 day or night.


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High Quality Garage Doors PA
Garage Doors Repair Service PA

Garage Door Repairs Done Right

High Quality technicians are the most reliable in the industry. We know what can be repaired at what prices to you. Our drivers arrive on site ready for a free estimate on repairs. The inspection takes only a few minutes and is completely free. Most repairs can be fixed in a short time and we can even arrive with the replacement garage door opener on the visit. Sometimes disaster strikes, we know New Jersey weather can be cruel in the winter and this often leads to rust corrosion on the moving metal parts. A simple replacement of the chains and rollers is something our drivers are equipped to deal with on the spot. We have 24 hour emergency garage door repair service 7 days week including holidays. Just call (856) 666-1333.

Garage Door Installations

If replacing the garage door is more economical then we will show you our fabulous options available. Choose from the most upscale styles at low down prices and quick installation. High Quality Garage Door Repairs offers same day installation at no extra charge. We can match the garage door to the style of your house or go custom with window inserts and even a basketball hoop, so grab that phone and see how High Quality is your answer to the new garage door at the right price with the best service.

  • Start with a Free Estimate
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Free Same Day Rush Service
  • Solid Warranty
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Seasonal Discounts
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Contractor License Number 13VH09949400
Garage Doors Repair Services Philadelphia
Garage Doors Installation Service PA

Door & installation $599


Brace Yourselves
Winter is Here!

New Solid White 8 x 7 ft. Garage Door installed, including bottom vinyl weather seal to help keep out snow, water, and debris.

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High Quality Garage Doors of Newton
Garage Doors Installation Service PA

Door with windows & installation $699

Garage Door Routine Maintenance

With scheduled visits to your property, we can identify and solve many garage door problems before they become an issue. We are happy to repair and maintain any garage door even if we were not the company who installed it. Upon visiting we can ensure the garage door springs, chains, and opener are functioning properly. Call (856) 666-1333 and schedule a maintenance overview for your garage door with High Quality Garage Door Repair.

Our High Quality Promise

We complete the job with a full warranty on parts and servicing, we extend to Moorestown,NJ a warm welcome home. For many, that means the security and reliability of a solid working garage door unit. Call us up if you need emergency garage door repairs, garage door openers, or garage door springs at the best prices. We are High Quality Garage Door Repairs and we want to help you (856) 666-1333.

Some of Our Other Services

Besides performing garage door installation, repairs and maintenance we also provide other garage door services as well including

Garage Doors Installation Company PA

Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers makes things more convenient and safe for people when driving into or out of their garage. A good working garage door opener means you can remain safely in your car while

Garage Doors Repair Company PA

Door Opener Repair

There are times when your door opener like any mechanical device malfunctions preventing your garage door from opening, closing or leaving your garage door half way up posing a danger of falling down on you or a family member.

Garage Doors Cables Newton

Garage Door Springs

We can also repair or replace broken garage door springs. Your garage door springs allows your garage door to open and close smoothly and keeps your door in open position when it is open.

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