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Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Philadelphia

Your garage door springs play a vital roll in raising and lowering your garage door. However like other parts of your garage those garage door springs are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The average life span of garage door springs is around seven to nine years, however if you open and close your garage door more often than average it can shorten the life span of those springs. In addition, most garage door springs need to be rebalanced after about 2 years of being installed.

When your garage door springs become worn they are likely to break, and broken door springs can be become dangerous and cause serious injury. Garage door spring repair service is not suitable when its worn or broken, they need to be replaced.


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2 Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs Torsion and Extension. Torsion springs are attached just above the garage door, while extension springs are located above the upper track on both sides of the doors. Extension door springs also should have a safety cable that runs through the springs to help hold the garage door should the spring break.

Keep in mind that garage door springs are tightly wound and under a great deal of tension, after all they holding up a 400 pound door, that can come crashing down seriously injurying or killing you or a member of your family.

Garage door spring repair should never be done by a non-professional due to the dangers and the risk involved should something go wrong.

For example an older garage may not that the height for a roll up or swing up door, and may not be able to accommodate a slide to side door, leaving you with having to settle on a swing out door. Of course if your previous garage door is a swing up, roll up or slide to side door then you can choose the same type of door again.

Possible Problems with Garage Door Springs

There are several problems that could occur regarding your garage door springs. Some of the main problems include

Out of Balance Springs

If your garage door springs are out of balance this will make your garage door difficult to open and close. If left unattended these off balanced springs can damage other parts of your garage door and eventually cause enough wear on your springs to cause them to break shortening their life span.

Garage Door Springs Brackets

Your garage door springs attach to the brackets at the bottom of the door. These brackets are also under a lot of pressure and so keeping them well maintained and seeing to repairs immediately will help to keep your garage doors functioning their best.

Springs Breaking

When your garage door springs break, your garage door can come crashing down causing damage to the door itself or to members of your family or your pets.

Maintenance Can Help Prevent the Dangers of Broken Springs

Having your garage door scheduled for regular maintenance can find those worn areas on your spring before they actually break. Having a professional garage door maintenance can also identify springs that need to rebalanced or problems with your door spring brackets. In short, proper maintenance of your garage door can spot those little problems before they become serious and more expensive problems or pose a danger to your family.

Hints that the Problem With Your Garage Door May Be the Springs

There are some tell tale signs that the problem that you are having with your garage door may be caused by worn or damaged springs. Some signs you should look for include

  • Your garage door doesn’t open or close as smoothly as it once did.
  • When you try to raise or lower the door manually the door feels heavier than normal.
  • When you raise your door half way, it should remain in that position. If the door slides back down part way or all the way then the springs are probably going bad.
  • If you are in or around your home when a spring actually breaks you will hear a big popping sound that should be extremely loud.
  • It is recommended that if one garage door spring breaks that both springs should be replaced since they are the same age and it is likely that other spring will break shortly.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Garage Door Repair Service To Fix Your Garage Springs

You have been warned that when it comes to those garage door springs repair, they should be repaired by professionals, but what are the actual benefits of having a professional door repair service repair your garage door springs.

  • A Professional garage door repair technician has the right tool, equipment and knowledge to replace those garage door springs quickly and safely.
  • A professional garage door repair technician will be able to inspect your garage door for any other damage that may have occurred, damage you may not be able to spot.
  • Hiring a professional garage door repair technician costs only a minimal amount of what a hospital bill would cost should you make a mistake when trying to replace or rebalanced those garage door springs.
  • Since repairing garage doors is something that these professionals do for their living they are more likely to replace those garage door springs faster than you can working outside of your home. This will result in ensuring that your family is safe faster than waiting for you to try and replace the springs.
  • Having your garage door springs replaced by professionals will relieve you worry that your garage door will come crashing down and further damage the garage door or harm a member of your family.

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Let High Quality Garage Doors Handle those Broken Garage Door Springs for You

We here at High Quality Garage Doors have over 30 years experience in installing and repairing garage doors including installation and garage door springs repair service. Our fully licensed and insured technicians have the knowledge and the training to replace those worn springs safely and efficiently leaving you to concentrate on what’s important to you, your career and your family.

In addition, we offer our customers excellent warranties, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service for the most reasonable rates possible. So if you suspect that your garage doors springs are worn or broke, why endanger your family or property? Give us a call at 267-625-0005 and we will be happy to see to your garage door springs for you.

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