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Garage door openers are a convenient and safe way to get in and out of your garage without having to climb in and out of your car just to open your garage door, so it is easy to imagine that your garage door opener is used a 1000 or more times a year. While garage door openers are designed and manufactured for such use, it also means that parts of your door opener will become worn overtime and need to be repaired.

Like any other mechanical device including your garage door itself, overtime parts wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. In most cases a repair of the affected part of your garage door open will get that opener functioning like new again, while in other cases a whole new garage door opener system may be order.

While some garage door openers repair are simple and can be done at home, others need or require the help of a skilled professional repair person.


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The Remote Keypad Doesn’t Work to Open the Garage Door

If your garage opener’s keypad does not work, but the wall switch does, then chances are that fixing the keypad is just a matter of changing the battery. Other possible problems may be that your remote opener is out of range. Trying moving closer to see this problem is corrected. You may also need to check the antenna or reset the programming.

Common Door Opener Problems

There are several common problems that owners of garage door openers experience. These problem include
While it is possible for you to repair that garage door opener yourself it is best to hire a professionally trained garage door openers repair to repair and re-install that garage door opener for you. When you choose a professional to install that garage door opener you can rest assured that your garage door opener is installed correctly the very first time.

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Neither the Keypad or Wall Switch for the Opener Works

If neither the keypad or wall switch for the garage door opener works then it is likely that is some type of disruption in the power supply. The solution of this problem may be as simple as making sure that the opener assembling is plugged in or the circuit breaker was not tripped. If you have checked both the plug and the fuse or circuit breaker and they are fine then you may want to call a professional repair person to discover the problem.

The Garage Door Only Closes Part Way

If your garage door only closes part way when using the garage door opener it may be due to the close-limit switch. The switch may need to be adjusted. If the garage door doesn’t close all the way using the over ride switch and trying to close the door by hand, then the problem may lie with the garage door itself.

Your Garage Door Has Trouble Opening in Winter

If your garage door has trouble closing in winter it may be due to stiff roller that needs to be lubricated or you may need to adjust the sensitivity on your garage door opener.

Your Door Opens, but the Motor Keeps Running

If the motor keeps running once the garage door is fully opened then the up-limit switch may need to moved further away from the motor unit.

Another common problem is that sensors often need to cleaned. Then of course if the problem is worn out parts those parts either need to be repaired or replaced. Having those repairs done by licensed and insured technician that has the right knowledge, tools and experience of garage door opener repair.

Garage Doors Repair Services Philadelphia

We Will Examine Your Garage Door Opener and Identify the Problem

If your garage door is not functioning properly why not call us here at High Quality Garage Doors and arrange for us to come and out and inspect your garage door opener. Our garage door opener repair technician will discuss with you the specific problem you are having and then inspect every aspect of your opener to identify not only the specific problem, but any other problems you need to be aware of . He or she will then discuss with you the problem or problems they discover and will explain to you what your options for repair or replacement may be. After we notify you of the problem and possible solutions we will be more than happy to give a free accurate estimate as to the cost of those garage door openers repair.

Appointment or on the Spot Repairs

All of our trucks are equipped with common parts so that we can make repairs right on the spot if that is what you would like us to do. Of course some repairs are quicker than others so we may get your repairs done in just a matter of minutes or it could take a little more time. The one thing you can depend on is that we arrive on time and accomplish those repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible saving you time and frustration while ensuring the safety of you and your family by returning your garage door opener to working condition.

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30 Years of Experience Goes Into Every Single Job We Take On

One of the reasons why High Quality Garage Doors are so good at installing garage doors and garage door openers is that we have 30 years experience in the business and we put everything we have learned into every single job we do for every single client. That knowledge results in the highest quality service you will find anywhere on the planet, or at least in Philadelphia or the surrounding area. In addition, we carefully screen every single one of our technicians to ensure that each technician exhibits the highest quality standards of integrity and character. Our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you are comfortable with the technician and their knowledge.

If your garage door opener needs to repaired or replaced why not chose the company with 30 years experience in repairing garage doors and garage door openers? Here at High Quality Garage Doors we offer you the kind of high quality service you need and expect. To schedule a free estimate just fill out our form right here on this site. To schedule a garage door openers repair just give us a call at 267-625-00005.

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